Need A Reviewer?


If you are an author or a publisher and would like for me to review one of your books, please feel free to contact me at or on my GoodReads Account. I am willing to host giveaways, reveal covers, author interviews, and participate in blog tours.  Self-published books are also welcomed.

I will accept ARCs, physical copies, and eBooks/galleys. (Epub or .pdf files for Nook Color)  

I am willing to review books of the following genres: 
Note: I prefer not to read series books out of order.

·        Young Adult Fiction (YA) & Adult Fiction
o   Paranormal (vampires, fae, werewolves, witches, etc.)
o   Contemporary
o   Dystopian
o   Mystery/Crime & Detective
o   Horror
o   Thrillers/Suspense
o   Sci-fi/Fantasy
o   Urban Fantasy
o   Romance
o   Action & Adventure
o   Fairy Tales & Folklore & Mythology
o   Short Stories
o   Poetry
o   Humor
o   GLBT

I generally do not read biographies, self-help, religious, or war themed books.

 What to expect from my review:

I will provide an honest review using my rating system. (Listed on main page) When writing my reviews all opinions stated are my own. I express my feelings about the plot of the book, characters, and writing style. If I dislike something about a book I am not afraid to admit it. On the same note, if I love something about a book I make sure to mention it. 

All my reviews include basic book information such including: # of pages, author, book cover, plot synopsis, if it is part of a series, & author website. All reviews are spoiler free. I sometimes post quotes from the book as well as an excerpt. (If provided)

Normally I can finish most books within a 2 to 4 week time period. Please let me know if you need my review up by a certain time, I will be sure to have it posted within the required time frame. In the event that I cannot meet a deadline I will alert you in advance. I will also let you know once my review has been posted and send links if you would like.

I can post my review to the following sites:
o   This Blog
o   GoodReads
o   Amazon
o   Smashwords
o   Barnes & Nobles
o   Netgalley

Thank you for considering me as a possible reviewer of your book. If you have any questions, contact me :)

Where to send a physical copy:
Helena Ison
P.O. Box 855
East Chicago, IN 46312 

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