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*Release Day Blitz* Innovera Yakov


Title: Innovera Yakov 
By: Kia Garriques

Innovera Yakov is a beautiful world of crystals that turns under five moons and two brilliant suns that never set. Flitters take care of domestic chores while Starbirds and Starflies soar through the never-ending sunlight of this crystalline world. The Circle of Knowing decides their fate; the forbidden forests of the Dimmer Zone swallow trespassers. And at the very edges of Innovera Yakov there is the terrifying watery darkness of Verheer. 

We meet Ayana, the healer and lonely outcast with her scarred face; Vinton, her protector (or is he her imaginary friend?); Gamma and Blu Tara, the beautiful, fiery twins who can kill with one look. These twins are important characters in the book. They could hardly be more different from each other. Krave, beloved by Gamma, hated by Blu Tara, ‘tall and upright as a polished spear with a beautiful crop of golden hair that cascaded down his back in waves’; his ‘brother’ Skylar, pure trouble with ‘muscles on his arms and legs that stood out in lumps’; Ryder with his crystal spear, forever seeking Ayana’s approval although she, refusing to believe she's worth it, can only wonder, ‘What does he see in me?’ And Ice, mysterious, dangerous, murderous with eyes like bright furnaces who feeds on Innoverans. These young Innoverans are often haunted by a forgotten past recalled only in strange dreams. They form friendships, make enemies and face constant physical and emotional challenges that test them to their limits. They have amazing powers; they can fly, they can communicate through 'thought-words', their minds can travel to other worlds. They harbour secrets. 

But life is not easy on Innovera Yakov and the young Beings must live in constant fear of Blu Tara; ‘What I want, I have. What I can’t have, I destroy.’ They find that the great powers they are gifted with are nothing compared to the dangers they face. They must shelter from Solar-storms. To fall in love is dangerous. Lovers long to combine to become stronger, better Beings but it can go terribly wrong and when that happens they perish. Their survival is further threatened by Ice, who consumes Innoverans and holds both Blu Tara and Ayana in his control. 

Everyone seeks a partner with whom they can ‘merge.’ This desire to ease the passage through life by joining forces with a true companion, is one of the main themes of the story. Love for Blu Tara, is a terrible thing. She tells her sister, ‘It is a curse. You will scoop out your core and abandon it just to have the Being that you love... You will steal another person’s life force if it makes it easier to get it. You will kill or die for it. And you’ll hate yourself for the weakness that it brings on you.' 

They are told that they must embark on 'The Journey', this journey will be more terrifying than any of them could imagine and a strong leader must be elected from their midst. They are shocked to discover who that leader is, none more so than the chosen one herself. Many of them will perish as they make their way through the watery darkness of Verheer while battling the army of underworld warriors bent on destroying and consuming them. Finally, diminished in strength and numbers, they reach their journey’s end only to learn the final brutal truth. 

 Be prepared to immerse yourself in a world where falling in love could cost you your life and nothing is as it seems.

Innovera Yakov – The Journey of A Thousand Eyes is the first book in an action-packed fantasy drama series where characters with powers of healing and destruction live, love, compete and disappear without a trace while they are being prepared for the Journey. 

What is the Journey? What happens to the ones who do not return? What unspeakable, stomach-churning things can happen to them there?

Even Ayana the Great Healer, Krave ‘The Golden One’ and the powerful Blu Tara are terrified of it.

Innovera Yakov – The Journey of A Thousand Eyes takes you into a world of excitement and danger where thoughts and feelings are overheard and minds can travel to other worlds.
Blu Tara stared her sister in the face. ‘Let me tell you what you don't know about love, Gamma. It is a curse. You will scoop out your core and abandon it just to have the Being that you love. You will steal another person's life force if it makes it easier to get it. You will abandon the world you have been cradled in, betray everything and everyone you care for. You’ll give up your name for it.’
Blu Tara's voice went soft and dreamy. ‘You will gladly close your eyes and embrace the world of darkness. You will kill or die for it. And you will hate yourself for the weakness that it brings on you. So don’t talk to me about love.’
Gamma shook her head. ‘You're not making sense,’ Blu Tara. ‘You talk as if... I’m the one who should be upset about all this.’ Blu Tara lifted her hand dismissively. She pointed a hot finger at Gamma. ‘Anyway don’t forget what we are.’
'And what are we?’ Gamma glared at her..
'Different. Strange. Something to be frightened of. Two Beings that can fuse and burn everything to ashes. That's the way they all see us down there. That's what the Stardog wants from you - the powers you possess.
‘I hate them all. With their suspicious, shiny faces and their empty games. I hate that Voice which drones on and on at us in the Learning Dome as soon as we've finished resting.
Innoverans! All those perfect, pretty Beings; they remember nothing — it’s the curse of this shallow, shining world. Tell me, Gamma - what do you remember of the world we come from before your Odors Apeno dumped us here?’
Gamma swung around to face her sister fully. ‘Blu Tara! What's got into you? Where’s all that coming from? I've never heard you speak like that before. This is about Krave and I- not you!’
Krave and you - don't make me laugh. And, oh! Here’s a big difference — between you and I this time, Twin Sister. It’s the answer to your question that you brought me up here to ask.’ Blu Tara mimicked Gamma's soft and musical voice, Why do you want to kill Krave?
Here's the answer, Gamma. I will do whatever I have to do to save myself. I'm the half of you that's not like you. I don't have a weeping heart. Now I'm out of here. I need my Rest.

Reviewers Wanted
Review Innovera Yakov on amazon for your chance to Win A Kindle Fire. 
Love reading and reviewing books? Want the chance to win a Kindle Fire? Kia Garriques’ Innovera Yakov fantasy series launches today on Amazon with The Journey of a Thousand Eyes. This story is an action-packed fantasy drama where characters with powers of healing and destruction live, love, compete and disappear without a trace while they are being prepared for the Journey. To celebrate the launch of ‘Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes’, Kia is giving away a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner, as well as the chance of having their work promoted by Kia herself across her website and social media.  

To enter the competition, simply follow these instructions below: 

1.Write a short review on Amazon about your favourite scene from the book, who your favourite is and why, and what you think the main message of the book is 

2.Then, send an email to including a link back to your review on Amazon, in order to be entered into the competition. Put the title ‘Innovera Yakov Kindle Competition’ in the subject line of the email. 

The winning entry will be the most creative and original response to the book and will be chosen by Kia Garriques herself. In addition, the top ten inspiring entries will have their work promoted in a blog which Kia is currently working on, called ‘Up and Coming Writers to Watch in 2013’. In recognition of their creativity, Kia will be turning the spotlight on these writers by presenting their biographies and a link to their current work. 


1:This competition will run from the launch of ‘Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes’ on today and is open to entrants from any country 

2: Anyone may enter, but entries are limited to one per person

3: The winner will be selected by Kia Garriques after the first 250 reviews have been received. 

Make sure to get your entry in early to stand the best possible chance of being entered into the competition and winning your very own Kindle. If you send your review of Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes before March 31st 2013, then you will be eligible to win a $20 amazon gift card. Be sure to send on your review via email to to claim this exclusive offer or leave a link to your amazon review in Kia’s Wattpad comment section. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get ‘Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes’ now and prepare to enter a whole new world of magic and mystery, danger and adventure. Click here to get the ebook on amazon now.  

Author Bio:
Kia Garriques studied writing and English literature at University and has been a published short story writer since 2009. Her first story “The Invisible Alien Watcher” was published by Micro Horror in 2009 and reprinted by Pill Hill Press in 2011. Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes – is her first novel in the ‘Worlds’ series and will be out on amazon mid February. visit to read the first chapter.  

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*Promo* Black Moon by Jessica McQuay

*A Note from Accepted Wisdom* 
Hi Guys, I am truly sorry that this post is late. I've been having trouble with blogger all day. It told me this was posted and when I went to check it when I got home from work it wasn't posted. :( I hope the problem will be solved soon. 

Title: Black Moon
Pages: 240
Release Date: October 2012
Genre:  YA/NA Paranormal Fantasy Novel
Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo
Tour Organized By: CBL Book Tours
"Am I losing my mind?"

Paige couldn't help but question her sanity. What other explanation could there be for her hearing a conversation held barely above a whisper in the back of a classroom full of students? 

What about coming home to find one of those very classmates lying in wait in the darkness of her home, ready to attack her?

Confused, frustrated and feeling every ounce of her social ostracism, Paige confides in the one person she's always been able to count on: her mom. But when her mom reveals a deeply rooted, unbelievable family secret, Paige discovers her world is filled with more than she ever imagined possible. 

A world where fairytales live alongside nightmares and secrets are the glue that binds them together. Suddenly no one is who they seem and Paige is faced with more questions than answers. 
Can she survive in a world filled with creatures scarier than anything she could imagine and where deceit runs as thick as blood? Or will the truth send her over the edge?

“Matt, Tommy, I am thrilled to know you are finding
the reading so interesting that you’re discussing it amongst
yourselves. Perhaps you’d like to share your findings with the rest
of the class?”
“I seriously doubt Matt wants the class to know that he’s been
cheating on his girlfriend Samantha by hooking up with Rachel.”
Oh no. Oh no no no no no! How had I known THAT?
And why, oh why, did it come from my mouth, out loud, to
the entire class?
I know how I knew. Matt’s voice was the one I’d heard earlier.
How is that even possible?


I didn’t have time to contemplate; I had a classroom full of
people wondering the exact same thing judging by the looks on
some of their faces.
“How did you know that, Tailor?”
I swung around and found myself face to face with Matt. I
didn’t know if the surprise had time to register on my face before
he was leaning down into it, his voice a controlled whisper.
“If I find out that you’ve been spying on me, you little nobody,
you will wish you never let my name touch your lips.”
Th e hairs on my neck and arms came to life, and chills
pricked along my skin. I couldn’t look away from his eyes. Th ey’d
gone black as night with the exception of the pupils which were
blazing gold. My tongue wouldn’t move my mouth was so dry. I
couldn’t find my voice and I was starting to shiver just as Mr. O
stepped between us.
“Matthew, get back to your seat.” 

There were only three things Jessica loved to do growing up; reading, writing and playing music. She discovered her love for writing at a young age, when she realized she could create anything she wanted with words. Jessica lives in Sacramento, CA with her husband, four children, goldfish named Sparkle and her cat, Talula. When she isn’t working on the next Paige Tailor novel, taking her children to one activity or another, or folding the never ending laundry of a six person family, Jessica enjoys playing her clarinet in the community band or dancing like there is no tomorrow at Zumba. 

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*Review+Giveaway* Descension by B.C. Burgess Blog Tour

Title: Descension
Author: B.C. Burgess
Series: Mystic (#1)
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 4th, 2012
Pages: 429 (e-book editions)
Event Organized By: AToMR Tours
Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

The Angel
After three years caring for her dying mother, Layla Callaway learns she was adopted under unusual circumstances. Following a cryptic message to seek her birth family in Oregon, Layla uproots her lonely life, quickly finding she descends from witches and wizards. Magic is in her blood, and a handsome family friend is eager to prove it. Through a ring imprinted with her birth parents’ memories, Layla’s enigmatic past comes to light, presenting possibilities and trials more chimerical than her wildest dreams.

The Guardian
Quin’s natural charisma yields plenty of witches, but he longs for the lost witch – the mysterious Layla. He's dreamed about her his entire life, envisioning the day he would lay eyes on her face and aura. When that day arrives, not only is he breathless, he’s confronted with the challenge of a lifetime – an innate need to keep her safe and forever by his side.

The Hunter
Employing fiendish manipulation and manpower, Agro uses the arcane force of others to elevate his supremacy and wealth. Nothing pleases him more than latching on to a mystical vein, and never has there been a more enticing source. The divine witch will be his.
My Review

Descension is a heart-wrenching story 
of love and sacrifice that will take 
your every emotion by storm!

A brief warning: Be prepared to bawl your eyes out, long for  passionate true love, and be stunned by unbelievable beauty. 

There is so much I want to say about Descension, so instead of an enormous never-ending review… I will break it down into smaller chucks for your skimming pleasure… =-)  

Writing Style:

I was fully enthralled with the writing style of this novel. So vividly detailed, I found myself lost in the magical world created by B.C. Burgess. Even the tiniest details make a difference. Without a doubt, you can notice the great care taken to lace together this beautiful story. The book is divided into two sections; Layla’s current life and the past she never had the chance to experience. I loved how the past and present were linked; they truly gave the novel a realistic feel. The world building and character development were phenomenal.

The Romance:

Normally when I see a book is predominately romance filled I tend to shy away. I’ve never been a fan of the mushy love at first sight stuff, it usually drives me nuts.  The romance in this novel stole my breath away, it made me long for love. The love portrayed throughout Descension is passionate, vibrant, romantic, and beautiful. I’ve never seen so many raw emotions rolled into one book. I’m getting butterflies in my stomach as I’m reflecting on various scenes between characters, it feels incredible. The love spilled on these pages jumps out and covers you in a joyous essence that you won’t ever want to forget.

The Characters:

Asides from Agro and the members of his crew, I will admit I felt a connection to all the characters. I am madly in love with Quin. He is the epitome of a gentleman. Layla is so innocent and pure; you can’t help but to like her.  Layla’s friends Travis and Phyllis reminded me very much of my own best friend. Layla’s family= sheer perfection in almost every way.

My Opinion:

I wasn’t expecting to like Descension much but it proved me wrong. The magic the witches and wizards have in this novel intrigued beyond belief, the nature elements stood out so visually to me. If any book deserves to be made into a movie I would nominate this one! It would be amazing!

Viewing life from Layla’s perspective has altered my outlook on things. Her determination to thrive is unlike any I’ve ever experienced. Anyone who can recover from the death of a love one, just to be faced with more agony, while still being able to push forward...deserves respect. The sacrifice her family endures to keep her safe only proves their love for her. Love is a powerful emotion that can cause people to do some extremely courageous feats. 

If you’re willing to abuse your every emotion and experience an unforgettable story of love, magic, and sacrifice, GO PICK UP Descension today! I know I will be reading book two in this series ASAP!

A Giveaway
*This giveaway has been provided by the author for this tour*

What you can win:
8 e-book copies of Descension 

A direct link to the entry form:

About the Author

I'm a small town girl with big dreams and a wild imagination. I'm addicted to coffee and writing. The combination is my idea of heaven. I read every day, if only to my young son, whom I hope to someday inspire with my passion for writing.
I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to contact me through any of the links below.

Contact Links:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page | Blog

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*REVIEW+GIVEAWAY* Touching Evil plus Furthermore Tour

A first date, a lottery, treachery and deceit. Sometimes fate has other plans. Sometimes there’s more to tell.

In Furthermore, seventeen original stories take you on a journey through worlds here and beyond. From the depths of the earth to the embrace of the sea, your favorite series continue. Prequels, alternative views, and new scenes give readers a chance to experience more than originally told. Including stories from Rebekah Campbell, David Estes, Amber Garr, Karen Amanda Hooper, Stephanie Judice, and Leigh Michael.

The best part? In honor of those who lost the battle and those who continue to fight, all proceeds from this anthology will be donated to cancer research and support.

My Review

First off, I would like to say that I truly admire everyone that stood behind this book and donated their work to the sake of charity. It's because of people like you that make this world a better place. Each of you are a light in the middle of all this darkness, the shred hope that everyone needs. I hope that more people will be inspired from this wonderful idea and maybe just maybe help you guys publish a part two! 

The moment I heard about the promo tour for this book, I knew I had to be a part of it! I have a personal connection to it really; I fought a battle with cancer (leukemia) and thankfully made it out alive. I was shocked when I learned ALL proceedings from this anthology will be donated to cancer research. I fully believe that with enough funding, one day a cure for cancer will be found. 

The second best part of this book is the AUTHORS! I had wanted to check out most of their books and this was the perfect way to get a feel for their writing. Each short story is beautifully written and ties-in with the author's previous novels/series. Every author included in this anthology have their own unique writing and storytelling styles, I guarantee there is something in it for everyone! At times I found myself a bit confused because I haven't read any of the original stories; however now after reading this collection, I what to read ALL of the books they were based from! I just wish the stories were a bit longer, but of course they wouldn't be called short stories then would they? =-P

 So what are you waiting for? Go buy this book, not only does benefit a good cause but it also will let you experience the works of so many great authors!
This giveaway is sponsored by I Luv Tours  and the author*

What you can win:
(1) e-book of Touching Evil or Furthermore.
(epub or mobi fomat)

Open INT

A direct link to the giveaway:

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Cover Reveal: Bitter Angel by Megan Hand

Title: Bitter Angel
Author: Megan Hand
Expected Release Date: April 1, 2013
Genre: Thriller
Age Group: New Adult
Cover Design: B Design
Cover Reveal Organized By: AToMR Tours   

Torn between two realities.
A choice that will mean life or death.
But she won’t know anything… until she wakes up.

College sophomore, Lila Spencer lived Friday night twice. She doesn’t know how or why, just that she did. As if she split in half and went in two different directions.

Out clubbing with her friends, Heather and Nilah, the girls rock it out and party hard. What begins as an innocent night will lead to a deadly fight for their lives, and Lila might be their only chance for survival.

In bed with her boyfriend, Jay, Lila is safe and warm as she drifts to sleep in the arms of the man she loves. Until she is sucked into a horrifying nightmare of her friends' deaths.

As the sunlight warms her face on Saturday morning, the two scenarios collide. But there can be only one outcome. Will she wake up in her warm bed with Jay by her side, devastated and grieving for her friends? Or was she there to save them?

The answer is just the beginning.

About the Author

At twelve, Megan decided to write a novel. A month later, she quit. A reading junkie by nature, she started writing again in her twenties as a way to get the voices out, because who wouldn't want to create a Real Living Person out of thin air? Megan also plays the piano and sings. She teaches little kids and takes pictures of pretty butterflies. She eats way too much chocolate, is sort of a mad scientist with her blender, and spends an unhealthy amount of time LOLing on Facebook and Twitter. She lives in Ohio with her husband and very smiley son. Bitter Angel is her first published novel.

Contact Links: