Monday, April 23, 2012

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

5 out of 5
 A new kind of Romeo and Juliet; this story will open your mind while breaking your heart!
a spoil free brief description:
Seventeen-year-old Lochan and sixteen-year-old Maya step in to take care of their 3 younger siblings because their mother is an alcoholic who sometimes stays gone for days, leaving all the responsibility on Lochan and Maya. The responsibility and stress they endure forces them mature quickly and become extremely close. They have fallen in love, they know it is wrong but to them it feels so right. A love story so forbidden, how could it possibly have a happy ending.

Writing Style:
The writing style of this book was the first thing that caught my attention; Tabitha Suzuma writes in the perspective of both Lochan and Maya. The chapters alternate between the thoughts each character letting you in on the entire story. Suzuma allows you see how they both react to certain circumstances, thus letting you understand Lochan and Maya on a very personal level. Suzuma tells a great story that flows together very beautifully. The story unfolds at a great pace and keeps you craving for more.

My overall opinion:
Let me start off by saying that Forbidden is my favorite book of all time up to date! I was in a bit of a reading rut at the time I started reading this and was looking for something completely different then anything I've ever read before. I honestly never thought I would find myself reading a book regarding incest and enjoying it; but this book took me by storm! It took me on an emotional roller coaster that I will never forgive. At times I would laugh out loud, gasp in shock, scream in anger, cry tears of sadness and even tears of happiness. After I finished it, I was left with this haunting feeling. The ending broke my heart and I could not get it out of my mind, it was extremely shocking. Even thinking about it now as I write this nearly brings me to tears.

I know Incest is a very taboo and controversial subject that many people are quick to be disgusted of but this novel will open your mind and hopefully make you feel a little differently about it. You may not agree with the love Lochan and Maya share but you will understand how and why it happened. Just give this book a chance, I promise you won't regret it!


  1. I loved this one too.... Had to let it digest for a good week before I felt comfortable reviewing it!

    You should add Google Friend Connect to your sidebar so people can follow! This is a super well thought out review, I'd love to read more in the future.

    Sarah (Inklings Read)

    1. I'm honored that you enjoyed my review, I appreciate your wonderful comment! It took me quite some time to get the nerve up to review it as well, it truly took my emotions over. It is one of those books you will always remember, no matter how much time may pass.

      Thank you for the advice on the Google Friend Connect, I'm new at blogging and always open for suggestions. I added it, hopefully I did it correctly. :)


      PS: I added you on goodreads and on twitter. I also checked out your blog and IT IS AMAZING!!!

  2. Hi Helena,
    I was hooked by this book too! You can not leave this book alone even after you've finished it...It will follow you for a long time. The incest topic is hard but the book is captivating and very well written

    1. I agree 100% it's been a few months since I've read it and it still haunts my mind. I get a lot of strange looks from people when I tell them about it and I have to keep telling them they would understand if they gave it the chance!

      PS: Sorry for the delayed response, there was some kind of error in my blog that prevented me from replying to comments, finally fixed it!

  3. This book has been forever on my TBR list, I just can't seeming to get to it. There are so many others in the line.

    Helena, I love your review style, it is clear and concise. Why do you want to shorten it? I am sure your readers are not complaining.

    I think I will have to put this one on my next-in-line list but make sure I'm not in a sad mood as going by your review that is what it is going to do to me.

    1. I'm sorry for such taking such a long time to reply; I had a bit of an issue with the reply feature of my blog. (The darn thing wouldn't let me reply to anything!)

      I honestly thought that my reviews were so long that people wouldn't want to read them... but I took your advice and decided to keep writing them in the same format :)

      Have you had the chance to read Forbidden yet? It's been months since I have and I still can't get it out of my mind!