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*REVIEW & GIVEAWAY* The Soul's Mark: BROKEN by Ashley Stoyanoff

Title: The Soul's Mark: BROKEN (#3)
Author: Ashley Stoyanoff
Series: The Soul's Mark
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: April 1, 2013
Source Of Copy/Format: Provided by author/E-book
Available Formats: Paperback & E-book
My reviews of other books in the series: The Soul's Mark: FOUND | The Soul's Mark: HUNTED
At first glance, Willowberg seemed like any other college town to newcomer Amelia Caldwell. But after a whirlwind of strange events, she now knows the truth—Willowberg is run by vampires—and her soulmate, Mitchell Lang, is their leader. And if that wasn’t enough, Amelia also learned that she is a witch.

The vampires and humans coexisted with relative peace, or at least they did until the vampire hunters arrived. Now, Amelia finds herself at the center of a showdown, fighting not only for her freedom and that of her new vampire family, but also for the lives of Willowberg’s residents.

But when Amelia’s branches of destiny cross paths, a long forgotten darkness falls upon the town. For any chance at victory, she must revisit her past and come face to face with the ultimate challenge: a fate that was decided by a force much closer to her than she could ever have imagined.

Will darkness prevail, or will Amelia find the strength to mend what has been broken?
My Review

The Soul’s Mark: BROKEN is masterfully written with heart-stopping revelations, that will make the unbelievable become reality and show that true love has no boundaries.

Ever since I read book one (The Soul’s Mark: FOUND) of this magnificent series I’ve been hooked. Reading this series is like watching a television drama, minus the crappy acting of course. I’ve grown to think of each of the characters as my friends and I can say without hesitation that I love them with all of my being. (Amelia, Mitchell, Eric, Megan, Luke, Lola, Erin, Angelle, and Tyler I love you guys!) I felt like we have spent so much time together and made it through the think and the thin. We have dealt with the unbelievable, fought so many battles, felt pain, experienced horror, treasured each other, hated one another, laughed, cried, and stood by each other. For those reasons and so many more I will never forget this series and cannot wait to embark on the rest of the journey.

Writing Style:

Stoyanoff’s writing style is fantastically addicting. When I read her books I get hauled into a world so convincingly realistic that at times I forget they are a work of fiction. I’ve never had an author provoke my every emotion to such a point that I become physically drained, but every book in this series has done this to me. Consistency is definitely something Stoyanoff does well; each book blends together perfectly and corresponds to the previous one, reading like one continuous story. Her character development is the best I’ve ever encountered; each character comes to life right before your eyes, you can literally feel their every emotion. I could go on forever but I have a better idea, go read her novels and experience it yourself!

My Opinion:

The Soul’s Mark: Broken was my most anticipated book release of 2013 and it did not disappoint! I had to rip myself away from this novel about halfway through because the sheer terror of what was happening tore me apart. I feared the worst, my heart was heavy and I became instantly depressed. The twists and turns in the plot had me on the edge the entire time. I cried, I screamed, I even shouted along with the characters in the book. So many wild situations came to light, things I never imagined could happen. To say I was shocked would be a complete understatement. I do not want to spoil anything, but let me warn you… this book will take you on one hell of a ride that you will NEVER forget. 

I thought it would be interesting to share the status updates I wrote on GoodReads as I was reading The Soul's Mark: BROKEN. They sum up my emotions rather well I think, lol.

1.  When I was on page 39:  
"The suspense is literally killing me... so many possible horrible outcomes may happen.. 
I fear my heart may fail. I cant read fast enough, my nerves are shot."

2.  When was on page 88: 
 "I am utterly shocked at the turn of events happening... I'm speechless at this point!" 
The Giveaway
Ashley has been kind of enough to give Accepted Wisdom readers a chance to win an entire e-book set of her series. Yes you read that have the chance to win all 3 books in the series! If that isn't awesome enough she has donated not only one but 5 sets in e-book format!

The e-book set includes:

Note: The winners will be given a coupon code to use on Smashwords to download any they need.

A direct link to the giveaway form:
About The Author
I live in Whitby with my husband Jordan and two cats. Interesting fact: Whitby was ranked 16th in Canada’s best places to live for 2012. I am glad to call it home, as it is a quiet little town that lies on the outskirts of Toronto.

I do many things, most of them simple and relaxing, and some people (my husband in particular) may even call them boring. Most recently, I decided to fill my life with things that I enjoy. The hustle and bustle of city living can get the best of all of us so I say we all need to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy the simple things in life. That being said, what I actually get paid to do is work at Great-West Life as an Investment Coordinator.

I started writing in high school and promptly dropped it when life took over and I got a job. It’s funny how the things you love get pushed aside when pesky little things like paying the bills come up. Not long ago I took a hard look at my life and it hit me… all I do is work, work, work. So I pulled out my notebook and started writing and it was then that The Soul’s Mark was born.

I also enjoy reading. When I’m not writing or working, you can find me curled up with a good book. Give me romance and a supernatural twist and I’m sucked in until the last page.

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