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*BLITZ* Almost Bad Boys Omnibus by A.O. Peart

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I am back Almost Bad Boys Omnibus by A.O. Peart! I absolutely can't stop raving about this devilishly delicious book series! The Almost Bad Boy series opened a door into a whole new world for me. I never thought NA Contemporary Romance would be appealing to me but A.O. Peart has changed my mind on this entire genre. If you're a fan of books of this genre or if your looking for something new, you MUST give this series a chance! 

Still not totally convinced? Let me sway you with my reviews that can be found below or check out the review I put together for the entire series. I will also be sharing a teaser with you along with some other goodies!   

If you're interested in reading my reviews for the  books in this series:
Almost Bad Boys Omnibus 
(Almost Bad Boys #1-3)

Author: A.O. Peart
Publication date: May 24th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance Comedy, Suspense

# of Pages: 400 +
This Omnibus Edition collects the three Almost Bad Boys books into a single package: Almost Matched, Almost Broken Up, and Almost Too Far.

**How to describe this hilarious and sexy series in just one sentence?
A martini glass of sizzling romance, a jigger of suspense and crime, perfectly shaken with a twist of wacky humor.

**By popular demand from my readers, I wrote an additional scene for Almost Matched: COLIN AND NATALIE’S FIRST NIGHT TOGETHER. The bedroom doors are cracked open for you to sneak in and, I don’t know… hide behind the curtain maybe?
This exclusive scene has never been published before and is only included in this Omnibus.**

~ ALMOST MATCHED: Would you take another shot at love? Or just settle on a friend with benefits?
~ ALMOST BROKEN UP: How far would you go to protect the one you love?
~ ALMOST TOO FAR: Where would you draw the line between love and trust?

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 **Warning: due to sexual situations, nasty language, and a high dose of sarcasm may not be appropriate for readers under 18 years old. 
Not intended for prudes who get easily affronted** 
 ***The books in the Almost Bad Boys series should be read in order. 
They are not stand-alone books:  
Almost Matched (book 1) 
 Almost Broken Up (book 2) 
Almost Too Far (book 3)


Contemporary Romance has never been one of my favorite genres until I discovered the Almost Bad Boys series! This series has some of the best writing I've ever encountered. Every character has a distinct personality that comes to life within the pages portraying genuine-raw emotion. An attention grabbing plot from the very beginning that ends with unexpected twists that will leave you craving more, you won't be able to read it fast enough.

A must read! Witty, fast-paced, humorous, arousing, and sarcastic... are all romance novels like this? If so, I've seriously been missing out! I laughed so hard at some of the scenes that I couldn't breathe and tears filled my eyes. Book two definitely takes on a more darkish tone. I found myself terrified for Natalie multiple times and seriously felt my heart stop due to the constant drama. Colin's story alone will grasp you in ways you could never imagine and shatter your heart into millions of tiny pieces. So not only will these books stop your heart they will give it a jump start too. Book 3 opens and finishes with a bang! I feel that it really connects the entire series together. A perfect ending for an awesome series!

The steam factor for this entire series is off the charts! You may want to have a portable fan nearby to help with the hot flashes. If no fan is available, read near open windows. If it's hot where you live and opening a window just won't help cool you down, opt for a squirt bottle filled with icy water. Or maybe read in the bathroom so you can be near the shower, because whew the sex scenes are sultry.

What amazes me about A.O. Peart's writing style in this series is her ability to squeeze such a wildly crazy fun story in such a small number of pages and have everything just feels so right. These books never disappoint, you won't believe how much can happen in under 200 pages. Give this series a chance, you won't regret it!
Colin's POV:
I don’t know how long I stand in the shower. Hot water burns my skin, evoking red splotches all over me. But I welcome the sensation, because it lets me concentrate on something other than Faith’s death. I put my palms on the wall and hang my head down under the water. I watch the water run down the drain by my feet. Someone pounds on the door again, but I ignore it. Maybe the same girl as before? Or maybe another girl. I don’t care, because the only girl that I want to see now is dead.

Natalie's POV:

opening line:

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is such bullshit. If something is about to kill you, it will scar you for life. There is no strength coming from terrifying experiences. Maybe that saying should be more specific and read something like What seriously kicks your ass makes you stronger. Yeah, that makes more sense.
Before I even open my eyes again, I feel a certain change around me. It startles me. I look up and see the Black Leather dude standing in front of me, hands in his jacket pocket, feet wide apart. I instinctively look around before snarling at him, “Hey, what’s your problem?”
I start to stand up, but he pushes me down. I hit my head on the building wall and shriek, “Fuck off! Help! Somebody, anybody! Help me!” I swat at his arm and kick him hard in the shin. I kick again, but he side steps. I make sure he can’t get close to me again. I have strong legs that can do a lot of damage when needed.

There are two couples at the end of the street, about twenty yards away. They turn, and I see the guys running toward us, the girls following behind.

“Tell that fucking boyfriend of yours that Razor is back,” the Black Leather hisses through his clenched teeth. His hands are curled into tight fists. There are letters and symbols on each knuckle. “This is just the beginning. He will pay for what he did to her.”

My voice gets stuck in my throat.  He did to whom? Her? Who? Colin? To whom? But my brain must be working overtime, because I lift my hand that clutches my cell phone and snap the picture of his snarling face. He swears and tries to grab the phone, but I kick again, and the guys who heard me yell for help are getting close, shouting, “Hey, what’s going on?” They are only a few feet away.
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A.O. Peart is the author of New Adult and Young Adult fiction novels, including NA contemporary romantic comedy series Almost Bad Boys. She writes in multiple adult, NA, and YA genres: contemporary, paranormal, urban fantasy, and short stories.

Angela was born and raised in Poland. She now lives in the Seattle area with her family and a chronically curious cat.
She describes herself as European born, American by choice.

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