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*Blog Tour+Review* Apocalypta: A Novel of the Future by Rob Matchett

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Welcome to my first tour stop for Apocalypta: A Novel of the Future by Rob Matchett! Today I will be featuring my review and a giveaway from the author. Make sure to come back on November 25th to see a guest post from Rob himself. This is for all you sci-fi fans out there! Enjoy <3
A Novel of the Future
By: Rob Matchett

Released: June 30th, 2014
Genre: science fiction/post-apocalyptic
Number of Pages: 613

Apocalypta is a novel about a post-apocalyptic world at the cusp of the 25th century. With the discovery of a synaptic memory chip holding the memories of individuals in the past, there is an attempt to avert a return to the terrible conflagrations of the past. This chip - 'the eyes of god' - holds salvation through the truth. The main character, implanted with the chip, bids the reader to follow history back to our present time in order to understand the future. Moreover, humanity has a chance to become members of a galactic confederation, which through various species have been instrumental in our emergence from earliest times. Many unusual characters color this story, which is ultimately about the struggle for humanity to rise to a higher place in its long quest for survival.

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My Review
Writing Style: 
Rob Matchett's writing style is best described as complex and poetic. It was absolutely mesmerizing with a beautiful flow.
My Opinion: 
I'm a fan of dystopian novels and this book automatically caught my attention. I took a bit of a risk reading it because I don't normally read books that fall mainly into science fiction genre; I find them to be rather boring or hard to understand. However, that was not the case with Apocalypta... This novel had me in sheer interstellar bliss! It had so many oddities and inventions that filled my mind with wonder. I enjoyed the creativity expressed in even the utmost simplest details, such as the character's names. The plot continuously kept me guessing and stirred my curiosity; I couldn't wait to see what would happen next! Conspiracy theories, aliens, unbelievable gadgets, and deceit, this book has it all!  If all science-fiction read like this, I would have started reading it sooner!

To-Read-or Not-To-Read:
 If you are a fan of dystopian novels but are looking for something different with a literary flare, this book is for you.
Rob (Robin) Matchett was born in Paris, France, in 1956 of Canadian parents, and moved to Canada at four years old. Apparently on the way, he spent hours in a porthole watching the sea, pondering existence. Now his life continues through a porthole – a regret being he didn’t remain in France a few more years. Though, embracing Canada he went native, steeped in the elements from where land-locked on the crest of a giant windblown hill, he commands from the bridge of a ship, foundered on springs, fields and forests. Still unreleased from the yoke of his servitude, he dabbles in the stars, unlocking secrets from history and the future. Many transfigurations have occurred, of which he has faithfully transcribed into various literary forms, including novels, poems and film scripts, and continues to do so. Among other eclectic interests, he is known to be well-read; enjoy wholesome kitchen garden culinary pursuits; calvados; has musical inclinations, and often known to be wired into the Grateful Dead. He is of a retiring nature, addicted to movies and documentaries, considered a professional obligation rather than lesser appraisals.
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