Friday, December 28, 2012

The Post-Christmas Holiday Book Sale

The Post-Christmas Holiday Book Sale, hosted by the Indie Book Festival, will kick off on December 28 and run through December 31. All books will be .99!! The Indie Book Festival will be posting the participating books to their Facebook page as well.

The Indie Book Festival website is the premier online website for seasonal ebook sales events! From Halloween to Valentine's Day – we'll celebrate it by bringing you bestselling books by today’s hottest Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal and Young Adult indie authors.

You can also enter to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card now!

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  1. Over 4000 entries, but no comments?


    1. Ah yes, that's mostly because this was a promo post for a book tour group. Sadly, I have yet to hit 4000 entries on my personal giveaways. Hopefully one day I will. *fingers crossed*