Sunday, November 3, 2013

Short Story Weekly #6- Waking Dreams by Ashley Stoyanoff

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Accepted Readers,

I'm thrilled for this week's novella Waking Dreams by Ashley Stoyanoff! I've been waiting to read it until the last book in The Soul's Mark series was released... (The Soul's Mark: CHANGED..I received it early, woot! I will be posting my review later this week) I have been dying to read this one so without further delay...
# of Pages: 94
My Rating: 5/5
In The Soul’s Mark, Eric Carter felt a burning spark when he first laid eyes on Amelia Caldwell. There was just something about her—something familiar—that pulled him to her. The problem was acting on the spark was suicide. Amelia was marked for his father.

Eric had been around for a long time, and before Amelia, life happened. One day he was a simple rancher and then the next, he was thrust into a world that he had never known existed, and dreaming of a girl that he knew he couldn’t live without.

In this novella, Eric Carter’s history is revealed.

Interested in reading Waking Dreams? It's currently available on Amazon and Smashwords for download for FREE!

My Review

 In honor of Eric's beautiful green eyes, I have made everything green! 

My first impression: 
Count me in! A novella about the dashing, charismatic, alluring, and gorgeous Eric Carter? What more can a girl ask for?

Writing Style:
It's no secret that I love anything that Ashley Stoyanoff writes. Her writing transports me to a different place, a glorious beautiful place that I never want to leave! If I could live in the worlds she creates forever, I would gladly accept, no questions asked. Her novels = sheer perfection.

My Opinion:
Eric Carter holds a special place in my heart. From the moment he was introduced in The Soul's Mark series, it was an instant bond. He's what my dreams are made of. I would choose him before any other male fictional character. Deep down I secretly hope he is a real person and that maybe, hopefully, he is looking for me. Eric honey, I will be your soul mate even if it's temporary. (Shh, a girl can dream right?)

I had a lot of expectations for Waking Dreams and I'm glad to say I wasn't let down. Since I'm so fond of Eric, I was hoping this novella would be epic. It was! I enjoyed reading about Eric's softer side and stepping into his mind. He normally oozes with confidence but to see him at his weakest; it just made me fall for him just so much harder. I was fascinated on reading about how he became a vampire and learning more about his life. He is such an intense and emotional person, you can't help but to love him!

I absolutely adored reading his perspective on the first time he met Amelia. Everything played out so much different in his head than it appeared to everyone else. The way he reacts and what he is really thinking, always seem to be the complete opposite. *sighs* He's just so chill and perfect! 

The Soul's Mark: FOUND (book #1) picks up directly after this novella ends.  I hope that Ashley writes more novellas based on other characters in the series, maybe even another one about Eric? =-)

If you haven't read The Soul's Mark series, 
what in the heck are you waiting for? 

The Soul's Mark: FOUND (Book 1)  is currently ONLY $1.49 on Amazon and Smashwords 

Waking Dreams  is currently FREE on Amazon and Smashwords 
Go get it, Eric is waiting!!
Ending Notes
I'm sorry that I'm posting this week's SSW a date late. Things have been chaotic lately! I've recently picked up a second job a few days a week so I've been putting in long 12-hour days. I work my main job 5 days a week (Mon.-Fri.) and my second job three days a week. (Mon.-Weds.-and Thurs.) So due to this I may have to change the day of the week I post some features. I will update the schedule as soon as I get everything together.

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