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*REVIEW* The Soul's Mark: CHANGED (#4) by Ashley Stoyanoff

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post that included my top 5 most anticipated book releases... I am so excited to say that I got my hands on my number one pick early!  (The Soul's Mark: CHANGED by Ashley Stoyanoff) When I received the email with the ARC, my emotions ran wild.

A demonstration of my reaction:
Yep. That just about sums up how I felt...
add in a funky dance + some jumping around.

I have read every book that Ashley had released up-to-date and have been a huge fan of her writing since the very moment I picked up The Soul's Mark: FOUND. (Way back in 2012) The Soul's Mark series holds a special place in my heart and this review may be a bit bittersweet because as of right now, The Soul's Mark: CHANGED is meant to be the final book. *epic sad face*
Title: The Soul's Mark: CHANGED
Author: Ashley Stoyanoff
Series: The Soul's Mark series (#4)
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult/ Paranormal Romance
Release Date: November 23, 2013
Publisher: Ashley Stoyanoff Books
Source Of Copy/Format: Author/ARC
Buy Links: Smashwords (Pre-Order for $2.99)
My Rating: 5/5

Ever since college student Amelia Caldwell moved to Willowberg, her life has been in turmoil. But with the evil vampire hunters no longer terrorizing the town, Willowberg is once again peaceful.

With a little help from Mother Nature and a dream for a better future, Mitchell has found himself in a predicament—after eight hundred years of being immortal, he is now a human while his soulmate is a vampire.

Now all Amelia and Mitchell have to do is hide from the world until his body can handle the change. But when Mitchell gets a cold, all hell breaks loose.

With an unexpected resistance rising, and an unexplained deadline from the spirits, Amelia realizes that this is a fight she cannot win alone. One thing is clear, though: to save Mitchell, he needs to change—again. But if he does, what chance does he have of surviving it?

My Review
Normally I do not summarize the novels I read, but I wanted to try something different. Let me know if you guys like the idea of this or not.

My Break-Down:
In this latest installment (and possibly the last) of The Soul's Mark series, Amelia is forced to face many crucial events. As if being a newbie vampire isn't enough, she also has the challenge of caring for an ill and now fully human Mitchell. A dangerous resistance is arising and Amelia needs Mitchell to control the problem, but in order to help he needs to be a vampire again. Can he survive the change and is it a risk Amelia is willing to take?

As the deadline to solve the dilemma given to them by the spirits quickly approaches, Amelia and Mitchell struggle to find the right solution; the choices they make can alter every aspect of their life, but not necessarily for the better. 

Amelia must also decide on which path in life is willing to take; to remain a vampire and remain in her current life with her friends and Mitchell or take the choice the spirits are offering her that will lead to the unknown.

Writing Style: 
In comparison to the other books in this series, The Soul's Mark: CHANGED is definitely the best. With every new novel, Ashley Stoyanoff's writing just keeps getting better! When I read her writing, it feels like I'm watching a television show because everything seems so realistic. This book covers many critical events in the plot, all of the key events that make up The Soul's Mark series. The plot could have easily became a jumbled mess, purely do to all the things going on. I was amazed at how she brought everything together and how smoothly everything panned out to be. She did a fantastic job in particular with the ending because it leaves you feeling satisfied. A wonderful conclusion for a brilliantly addictive series!  

 My Opinion:
Can somebody say, OMG WOW like seriously! This book blew me away. I read the entire thing in one sitting, only stopping to take mini breaks to eat and use the bathroom. I couldn't put it down or read it fast enough. I was so terribly afraid to read this because I knew this could possibly be the very last book in The Soul's Mark series. It took me many months to prep myself to deal with the idea of not being able to read more from this series. All good things must come to an end I guess, right?

What I loved most about The Soul's Mark: CHANGED was how the relationship between Mitchell and Amelia developed. I have to be honest, I used to hate Mitchell like hardcore. I felt that Amelia could have done so much better but now I take that back. I'm not sure if it was due to the fact of the roles between them switching or what, but I can see now that they are without a doubt, meant for each other. What one lacks the other has, they truly complete each other. The best part? They actually realized that in this book. FINALLY! All fighting ceased and they became at one with each other, words cannot explain the happiness I felt. I loved to see them happy!

I will miss this series. I wish it could continue on forever. I'm really hoping for more novels/novellas. The book has a satisfying definite ending BUT it did leave open a slight possibility for another book. Or maybe it's just me trying to keep the series alive in my mind. Whatever the case, The Soul's Mark series will always be one of my favorites!

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Ashley Stoyanoff, the award winning author of The Soul’s Mark: FOUND, lives in Whitby, Ontario and loves diving into the magical world of creating fiction. When not writing, she can be found reading sappy novels, watching cheesy chick flicks, and buying far too many clothes.  

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