Sunday, January 19, 2014


Accepted Readers,

This week has been difficult. Wait no... let me rephrase that. This work week has been hell. Yes, that sums it up pretty well. Not only did we have a burglary that I had to clean up after, I've had to work over-time 4 days this week, AND I had to work not one but BOTH of my days off. (I have had the same two days off every week for an entire year)

I've fallen a tad behind on life. I'm confused on what day it is and all I want to do is sleep. If only I could shoot laser beams from my eyes... the possibilities would be endless. (first on the to-do list: DESTROY work)

Needless to say I felt like this:

and this:

Anyways, due to my crappy day job Short Story Weekly will be delayed until tomorrow. (Monday 20th) It will be my review of Almost Broken Up (Almost Bad Boys #2) by A.O. Peart. You can check out the cover reveal for the book by clicking here

This week will be INSANE! 
 8 posts lined up... 

Monday- Short Story Weekly:  Almost Broken Up (Almost Bad Boys #2) by A.O. Peart

Tuesday: Book Blast+ Giveaway:  The Appeal Of Evil by Pembroke Sinclair

Wednesday: Sale Blast: P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy by D.T. Dyllin 

Thursday: Post 1:  Release Blast: Rocking The Heart by Gracen Miller
                      Post 2: Cover Reveal: Of Sea and Stone by Kate Avery Ellison

Friday: Cover Reveal: BFF Series
Saturday: Tour & Review: WINDOWS: A Broken Fairy Tale by Casey Bramble

Sunday: Short Story Weekly: Story Undecided as of now.

Whew, pretty jammed packed dontcha all think? 
One of my goals this year was to post more often...I'm totally achieving it! 
Hope you all had a great week!

See you all soon, 

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