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*REVIEW & AUTHOR INTERVIEW* Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet

Accepted Readers, 

A while back I received an email  Bostick Communications regarding a review opportunity for Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet. I get emails from Bostick Communications frequently but never responded to any of them, mostly because I was a bit leery of the service. However, something about this book caught my attention and I decided to try my luck. 

Fortunately for me, within a few hours of asking to review the book, not only did I get a response... it was a response from the actual author! How awesome is that right? I totally thought I was going to get some automated generic response from a computer bot, but no I got genuine author response! I am glad I decided to go out on a limb and actually respond to the email that day, because I found a gem hidden within the sea of endless books.

I hope you guys enjoy my review and the exclusive interview that Aurora Whittet was kind enough to take part in! 

Title: Bloodmark
Series: Bloodmark Saga (#1)
Author: Aurora Whittet
Genre: YA/Paranormal Romance
# of Pages: 333
Release Date: November 1st, 2013
Buy Links: | Amazon | Barnes & Noble |
Price: $5.49

Sixteen-year-old werewolf princess Ashling Boru is different from other wolves—she was able to shift to wolf form at birth. Rather than bringing pride to her family, it brings fear, and as a result, she is forced to live in seclusion in Ireland’s countryside. Ashling’s reputation is further blackened when she refuses her betrothed and defies the ancient laws. When her pack’s oldest rivals begin hunting her, she finds herself in the small town of York Harbor, Maine—far from everything she’s ever known.

In Maine, she crosses paths with the dark and rebellious Grey Donavan, and something ignites within her soul. There’s just one problem: Grey is human. Their instant connection turns into a passionate romance, and Ashling begins to believe she can create her own life outside of wolf laws. When she begins to uncover long-buried pack secrets—secrets that threaten to destroy all she holds dear—Ashling’s courage and tenacity are tested. Will she choose her deep and enduring love for Grey, or will she follow Old Mother’s path to her destiny? 


This was the first book I read in 2014, if I'm lucky every other book I read this year will be just as good as Bloodmark. It has set my expectations high for any book that will follow!

Writing Style:
is nothing like what you would expect from a debut novel. The writing style has the feel of a veteran writer, superb in every aspect. The pleasingly addicting writing paired with the beautifully created characters is integrated into a world that is absolutely breath-taking. An impressive plot filled with elements of romance, action, and suspense that will pull you into the world of Bloodmark from the very first page, you won’t be able to put it down.

My Opinion:

Every so often I come across a book that no matter how hard I try, my review doesn’t show it justice; sometimes the book is so stunning that words cannot fully describe how I truly feel... Bloodmark is one of those books for me. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did, but it had everything I look for in a novel plus so much more! I was an emotional-wreck the entire time I read it. The story came to life right before my eyes and drew me in, leaving me craving more. The worst part about reading this book is the wait for the sequel, for me it cannot come soon enough!

Ashling is everything I wish I could be, spicy like a jalapeno, loyal, rebellious, and witty. She is brave and will do anything for the people she loves, even if means defying death. Her journey and the struggles she experiences would break most, but it seems the more difficult a situation becomes the harder she fights. You can’t help but to admire her. The support she gets from her family will melt your heart. Their love speaks in volumes; her brother Mund and her guardian Baran will stop at nothing to protect her. She is a very lucky girl indeed!

I have to admit, I normally HATE instant-love romances because they are superficial and unbelievable. Ashling and Grey have a connection that some would describe that way, but I see it more as a love at first sight/soul mate connection. While similar to an instant-love romance, they vary in one big distinctive way… the relationship is believable, it feels genuine. I honestly couldn’t picture them having a “normal” relationship because they are extraordinary. I love their relationship and will defend how it came to be because I feel it happened how it was supposed to. I can't wait to see what other obstacles they will face and surpass!

Lastly, I want to touch on the royal and wolf aspects of the book. I loved how this book incorporates royal family traditions (kingdoms). I’ve always been a sucker for castles, princesses, and anything of the sorts and this book has it all! What I enjoyed most is how the royalty customs are blended with werewolf clans. It makes perfect sense for werewolves to live by royal standards because the customs and rules they must yield to are very similar in structure. Normally the traditions held by royalty and clans are ancient rules/laws, but a bit of modern changes are present in Bloodmark. Laws were meant to be broken and traditions meant to change after all right? I love a good loop-hole in any strict-rule. (I’m a rebel at heart) I also loved how werewolf folklore is mentioned in the book, some classic tales and some new…together they make for an interesting take on the werewolf genre.

So to read or not to read that is the question… I say without a doubt in my mind… READ!


1.    Tell us a little bit about yourself.
 I grew up in a small town in Minnesota, always barefoot, with my wild red hair a mess while I ran through our horse pastures imagining I was all kinds of different heroines on many adventures. Now I'm married and have a two-year old son and live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have two dalmatians and one cat. My husband and I are renovating an old 1900 farm house, we find satisfaction in building things with our bare hands. I am a graphic designer by day and an author by night.

2.    While you were writing Bloodmark, did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters? If so, which one?
 A bit of me is mixed into Ashling, mostly the quirky stuff, but she is a lot stronger than I was at that age. I think she is a reflexion of how I had imagined myself to be.

 3.    Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
 I find it hard to stop. I have a firm rule, when my son is with me and awake, I belong to him. So the minute he wakes up from napping, no matter where I am in the story I stop and spend time with him. So sometimes that is hard, because you have to leave your characters in a dangerous or emotional place until it's bed time and I can start writing again.

4.    Is there a message in Bloodmark that you want readers to grasp?
 I suppose there are a couple things. Love conquers over evil. So spend more time protecting each other than finding each-others faults. Respect the earth, it is a living being that needs us to protect it. And lastly that you should fight for yourself, your dreams, your family and love.

5.    The important of love is hinted to frequently in your novel, so can you define what love means to you personally?
 When you are young you learn the love of your parents. It is pure and unending. Then you fall in love for the first time and the instant and innocent love is so intense that you almost lose sight of anything else. Next you have to learn long term love. Love can survive anything if two people want it to badly enough, but you have to fight for it. Love isn't easy there will always be challenges always be distractions, but if you both vow to love each other through the test of time that love can be yours. Lastly you learn the love of children, and you will finally understand how much your parents truly loved you and why they acted so crazy trying to protect you. Now a piece of you lives inside that child and you will finally know true love.

6.    What are your thoughts on writing a book series?
 I think readers, myself included, love to stay inside a world with characters for more than one book. Each book is like returning home to see old friends and have more adventures. It's like a reunion with your best friends. The first book took a lot longer than book two is taking, because of all the world creation and back story for every character as well as writing the rules. So book two is flowing from me much quicker. It is amazing to watch my characters grow and learn. I can't wait to share Bloodrealms with the world later this year.

7.    What is one perk of being an author?
 It is pretty cool being able to create a world and tell their story, but then having fans tell me how those characters meant something to them. Sometimes something so very personal or unexpected. The characters I created have a way of impacting others in a way I'd never have expected.

8.    I noticed a bit of Shakespearian like lingo in your writing, are you a fan of Sir William Shakespeare?
 I love Shakespeare! Romantic, timeless and full of unexpected adventures and misunderstandings.

9.    Describe Bloodmark in 3 words. 
 Fantasy Romance Adventure

10.    Would you like to add anything else?
 I wanted to create a heroine I could look up to. I wanted her to be fierce, romantic and strong, but she also had to show weakness. Because no one is infallible.

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