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*TOUR+ REVIEW* Windows: A Broken Fairy Tale by Casey Bramble

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Today is my tour stop for Windows: A Broken Fairy Tale by Casey Bramble! I'm super excited! I hope you enjoy my stop and make sure to check out Sage's Blog Tours for more information about this tour and other current tours happening right now!

Hush little baby don’t say a word
The Darkness hides in an ivory bird
But if that ivory bird can’t sing
That’s when the Witches’ Hammer swings.

-- Nursery rhyme
Title: Windows: A Broken Fairy Tale
Author: Casey Bramble
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Lesbian
# of Pages: 293
Part of a Series?: Yes. 
Published: April 19th, 2013
Price: $2.99
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A year ago Sarah Petty could not dream of the life she now lived. In those days she was one of the downtrodden masses; an unremarkable body upon which the upper caste built their castles of gold. Luckier than most, she at least had her blacksmithing skills to keep a roof over her head, though she went hungry more often than not. All of that changed with one fatal decision.

She said yes.

Lady Raven Chandlish, a sorceress with a smile that lit up the night and enough magical power to level a city, asked Sarah to open a shop with her in a different duchy. After moving things felt like they were on a definite upswing. There was food in the cupboard, money in the bank, and someone she might be falling in love with. Sarah didn’t dare pinch herself just in case it was all a dream. Like all dreams, this sunlit world was a feeble defense against the encroaching darkness.

Buried deep within Raven’s soul was Malleus Maleficarum, an ancient demon that nearly destroyed the world twice before. Drawing on feelings stronger than the weapons she forged, Sarah learned to trust Raven could contain the demon. Malleus had other plans.

When enemies of the Chandlish family attacked, Malleus used a momentary distraction to take over Raven’s body. While hundreds of soldiers battled for the fate of cities, a terrified blacksmith battled for the fate of a world. With no hope of rescue, Sarah whispered into the leering face of madness, praying love would save her.
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Writing style:
Windows: A Broken Fairy Tale is a debut novel from the mysterious author Casey Bramble. The world she creates is one sure to strike awe and astonishment. Her character development is quite amazing, proving to be her strong suit.  Her characters are unconventional and have many conflicting issues that give them layer upon layer of depth. The plot is jammed packed with various elements of fantasy, action, deceit, lies, humor, romance and even murder; an interesting mix of good versus evil. My only gripe is the way the chapters are organized; I feel that some needed to be divided up with chapter breaks. At some points the plot jumps from one scene to another without notice, jumbling together and causing confusion. 

My Opinion:
I absolutely loved the fantasy elements this book had everything from dragons, witches, sorceresses, portals to other realms, demons, to magic of every kind. Not to mention the royal family with castles let’s just say I’m smitten.

Raven is quite an intriguing woman. She has the red hair to match her fiery and mischievous ways.  Sarah however is quite the opposite of Raven, reserved and gallant. Both ladies share their snarky attitude and bravery but the similarities end there. True to the old saying that opposites attract, Raven and Sarah are drawn together like a moth to fire. I would have loved to see more romance to their relationship or for them to express more of their feelings… you get just a taste of it throughout the book.   
The demon Malleus Maleficarum is a whole another story within this novel. She is one terrifying creature, the true definition of evil. She is the reason behind Raven’s ultimate power and it appears she is set to destroy her. The scenes when the demon appears are insane and filled to the brim with gore. I wouldn’t want to come face to face this Malleus under no circumstance. I just hope Raven can keep her control…

This novel basically boils down into good versus evil, rich versus poor, and love versus treachery. In the end what will win out against the other? It is true that good always prevails? Hmm… one can never be too sure when demons are involved. I guess you will have to read Windows: A Broken Fairy Tale yourself to find out.


I graduated from the University of North Alabama with degrees in English and Psychology.  I live in Florence with my husband and five year old son. Our son suffers from Alport's Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the kidneys, so 10% of all book sales go towards kidney research.  My two passions are football and reading.  Although I've recently started reading more fiction, most of the time I read historical non-fiction, particularly Gaelic and English history.  Which is why all my bios start out with how boring I am.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to review my book.

    Malleus doesn't really show up in the second book, but she's immortal, so she can be patient. She figures heavily into the over all plot.

    1. You're very welcome and I am glad I had the opportunity to!

      Malleus has a way ruining plans, so I can't wait to see what happens when she isn't a full fledged threat... Do you have an idea of when book two will be released?

  2. I'm working hard on The Ivory Tower, but also have a five year old son and a full time career. I'm shooting for a summer release since I won't be working during the summer and can devote more time to cleaning up the manuscript.