Wednesday, September 24, 2014

*BOOK BLITZ* Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper by J.L. Bryan

Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper
(Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper#1)
Author: J.L. Bryan

Genres: Adult, Horror, Paranormal
Published: September 19th, 2014
# of Pages: 218

Ellie Jordan’s job is to catch and remove unwanted ghosts. Part detective, part paranormal exterminator, Ellie operates out of Savannah, Georgia, one of the oldest and most haunted cities in North America.

When a family contacts her to deal with a disturbing presence in the old mansion they’ve recently purchased, Ellie first believes it to be a typical, by-the-book specter, a residual haunting by a restless spirit. Instead, she finds herself confronting an evil older and more powerful than she’d ever expected, rooted in the house’s long and sordid history of luxury, sin, and murder. The dangerous entity seems particularly interested in her clients’ ten-year-old daughter.

Soon her own life is in danger, and Ellie must find a way to exorcise the darkness of the house before it can kill her, her clients, or their frightened young child.

 Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper:
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Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper is the first book in a new series by J. L. Bryan, the author of the Jenny Pox series and other novels.  He lives in the very hot state of Georgia with his family and no ghosts, as far as he knows.

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