Thursday, October 10, 2013

An Aggravating Day

Accepted Readers,

Have any of you ever experience a day when everything annoyed you? I mean every little thing just drove you nuts? I'm having one of those days. I can't pinpoint exactly when my day turned sour but I have a feeling a lack of caffeine may be the culprit. I should change my name to Miss Grumpy Gills because I'm so aggravated I can barely stand myself.  I'm resisting the urge to smash something and possibly letting out a primitive growl or two. I'm Hele... hear me roar! (Hehe, that made me giggle)

In an attempt to calm down, I plan on getting myself a nice hot cup of coffee and treating myself to some alone time. (More so for the sake of everyone around me) Then I will be taking a nice long nap because this old cranky buzzard needs a break from herself.

So readers, my question for you is:  
What do you do to make yourself a little less annoyed? How do you let your frustration out? Leave me a comment below telling me; maybe I can give some of your ideas a try the next time I'm having an aggravating day. 

Until next time,
Miss Grumpy Gills AKA Hele


  1. Awww *hugs* I hate days like that!
    A nap is always good for me too. Weirdly, so is a long hot shower. Happy music, of course. And yeah, technically yoga, but I don't count that as a real solution because when I'm that grumpy I'm not going to do it anyway.

    1. *hugs back* I hate them too, I feel like such a jerk when I'm having one. Lol, I refuse to participate in many activities when I'm ultra grumpy. I could see yoga becoming quite violent if the person doing it is a crab patty... lol. =-P

      I've never tried taking a long shower, I'm gonna give that a try next time! :)