Thursday, October 3, 2013

Useful Websites For Any Blogger

Hello Accepted Followers,

We all know that blogging can be a bit difficult sometimes. (I'm looking at you pesky HTML codes) Have no fear, here are some of my top favorite sites that have saved my sanity and helped improved my blog's overall look. I hope you guys find them to be just as useful as I have. :) 

PS: I am not being sponsored by any of the sites listed. This is just a list of my to-go-to websites. I also searched for a few new sites that could be of use due to a few websites no longer being available. Also as an added bonus all these sites are FREE to use!

PPSS: I just found this awesome website:  This site has Coding, Freebies, Inspiration, Tutorials, Web Design, Wordpress, and MORE! It's like an all in one self-help guide to blogging be sure to check it out!
HTML Codes & Design Help
To make a fancy Text Frame or Border like the one above I use :

Want to position pictures side by side to free up space?:

Need to turn an image into a link?:

Looking for various color hex codes or need a custom color? :

Can't find the perfect color?  
This site will help by lightening or darkening a color & creates color schemes.
Icons & Images
Need A Custom Banner?:

Looking for some graphics to use for your weekly segments?
(Templates, Rating Stars, Winner Graphics, & More)

Awesome book series banners for us book nerds:

Need Social Media Icons?:
(I got mine from this site, but it has been revamped not sure how it works now)

Even more Social Media Icons:
Giveaway & Follower Help
Having a giveaway on your blog?
This site lets you make a custom entry form and randomly generates a winner for you:

Need to fairly pick a winner? 

Give your audience more then one way to follow your blog:
Other Useful Websites
Curious on how what your Word Count is for your post?:

Need to know what time it is in other time zones?

Need to translate your post into another language or did you receive a comment in a different language?

Time to end your post? Find many unique ways to say so:
The End.
Okay guys, that's all of them...19 different websites that I know you will enjoy! Do you use a website that I didn't list here that you refer to when blogging? Leave me a link to it in the post so I can check it out! :) 

This concludes Day #3 of The 31 Day Blogging Challenge and I'm still going strong. Thankfully ideas for different types of posts keep popping into my head but I am also open to any suggests on anything you guys want me to write about. So, don't be afraid leave me a comment if you want to see something I haven't done yet! :)


  1. I am going to check these sites out. My blog happens sheerly by luck...I would like to customize it and make it more MINE. Thanks for the post! Much Love, Lisa

    1. You're so welcome!

      My blog happens by sheer luck and magic, I think. =-X

      I'm glad the sites will be of use for you... if you need help with anything, I'm always willing to lend a hand. :)

  2. Unsurprisingly, Lisa and I are on the same page. I saw several fun toys in your list that I am itching to play with. Thanks! :)

    1. I'm glad both of you ladies stopped by! Thank you for visiting! :)

      You're welcome! I'm happy you found some sites that you enjoy and can be of use. I also would like to extend the offer of help to you, I'm always willing to help out if I can :) A few of the sites can be a bit confusing.

  3. Thanks so much for these helps! I've just been slowly teaching myself HTML, but I still have soooo much to learn!!