Saturday, October 5, 2013

Short Story Weekly #2: My Expiration Date by Nemonica Mars

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Hi guys, I'm back with another SSW. I apologize for falling off track; things in my life are still just as hectic as ever.  If you haven't heard, for the entire month of October I will be posting every day for The 31 Day Blogging Challenge. Today makes day #5 and I hope you guys are enjoying the new content I'm putting out. :) So without further delay let's move on to my review.

*Note: If your new to my blog  Short Story Weekly (SSW) is a segment where I write mini reviews on books with 100 pages or less.*

Author: Nemonica Mars
# of Pages: 12
My Rating: 3/5 Stars

"A world of slaughter, pain and fright
Another life we take tonight
A whole new world of blood and fear
Watch as we coax another tear..."

Karpacia. A world of nightmares, fear and pain. It's also where Sara lives.

A new world taken over by manslaughter after animals are killed off, bringing upon a new idea of an "Expiration Date" where no one lives a day past their 18th birthday.On this day, they experience the horrors Naomi, Sara's sister, felt...

But you don't know about that yet...

Care to learn?
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My Review

My first impression: 
Wowza, would you look at that cover? I'm fascinated by it... it's morbidly beautiful. It's safe to assume that the girl is supposed to be dead but even so I can't look away. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me... *gives a worried look*

My Review:
A friend of mine recommended this story to me. She described it as heart-shattering and disturbing read. I agree with her fully. The sheer idea of no one living past the age of 18 because they are murdered is appalling. The way they are slaughtered is absolutely horrifying.  This story is difficult to digest and is not for the faint of heart. My Expiration Date shook me to the core and I think all horror fans will enjoy it.

Writing Style:
The concept of My Expiration Date is original and quite deranged. I spotted dozens of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors but they did not hinder the reading process. I wish the story included more details regarding the outcome of the plot but I loved how it ended.  Considering this short story is free to read, it is extremely good and worth the read.

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