Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Accepted Followers,

In an attempt to motivate myself to start blogging more, I've decided to join the 31 Day Blogging Challenge. I found out about this awesome event from a Facebook group called Karma Bloggers. The moment I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for me! I've always enjoyed a good challenge. (I blame it on my inner Scorpio)

I would love to invite all of you to join me in this challenge, the more people who participate the better! Get off your blogging behind this October! We can do it, we can do it! Join Here
What Is It?
The Goal: 
Publish 31 posts in 31 days. 
The posts can be about anything you want and do not have to be posted by a certain time each day.

For each day of the challenge you should:
  1. Write a post
  2. Publish a post
  3. Tweet a link to your post on Twitter with the hashtag #31dbc
  4. Comment on 1-2 blog posts
 Added Bonus #1: 
Once you sign up for the event (registration is free), you receive daily emails filled with tips and support to get your creative juices flowing. A little motivation can go a long way!

Added Bonus #2: 
The chance to connect with other bloggers! We all could use more followers right?

Added Bonus #3: 
A chance to win a $50 gift card if you publish 31 posts. 

This is just my basic run-down of the event. 
Information used from: http://conversation2sales.com/
Check out the: FAQ.  
I'm looking forward to this challenge and hope that you guys will enjoy it! If you do decide to join, please leave comment below telling me you did! I can't wait to see the posts from everyone else participating! I'll see ya guys... TOMORROW :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see more of yours as well! :)

  2. Oh this challenge seems impossible for me. Goodluck Helena, I will also look forward for your posts.

    1. Hi Francis, it's wonderful to hear from you! Nothing is ever impossible, give it a try.. you might surprise yourself! Let me know if you change your mind, I would love to see what's on your mind!