Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hele's Top 5: T.V. Shows

Accepted Readers,

I hope your Tuesday is going awesome! What are you doing today? I found a novelty book on my book shelves yesterday entitled My Favorite Things: How Well Do You Know Your... it's a cute little book filled with questions about various favorite things in alphabet order. I've had this book forever and never really used until now! Every week along with Short Story Weekly, I'm starting Hele's Top Five; I'll pick a word from the book and compile a list of my favorite items/places/things/etc. to go along with it. I want to start easy... so this week will be TV shows. (pg. 348)

Television Shows

 1. Supernatural 
Who doesn't love Dean and Sam? (I'm a Dean girl) I love everything about this show and have been hooked from the moment I saw episode one. I've always loved the paranormal and this show brings that to life! The relationship between the brothers can be just as heart-warming as it is heart-breaking and add Castiel to the mix and you have one hell of an emotional roller-coaster to ride!

2. Law & Order: SVU 
 I have honestly watched every episode of this show from season one up until now.  Olivia Benson holds a special place in my heart.

3. Bones
I just recently starting watching this show via Netflix, but it has quickly made its way into my top favorites. I have a thing for forensic science and this show is full of it! All of the characters have their own unique personally and work together so well!

 4. Burn Notice
Oh how I love Michael Westen. Another one of my weaknesses: SPIES! I used to watch this show on cable years ago but forgot about it... but thanks to Netflix I found it again and I couldn't be happier!

 5.  Cake Boss
The newest added show to my list: Cake Boss! I used to bake a lot in high school and this show brings back some fond memories. Not only does Buddy have mad cake making skills, he has a giant heart! I want to go visit his bakery one day to try his classic cannolis.

Your Turn
Okay, now that I've shared my Top 5: T.V. Shows I want to know what yours are! Leave a comment below telling  me what they are! Check back next week the same time to see another one of my Top 5 lists!


  1. Ohhh awesome choices. :)
    Mine currently are: Game of Thrones, Parks & Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, Downton Abbey and... hmm Parenthood. (I want to say Doctor Who but I hate Matt Smith and can't even finish his last season, but I have high hopes for the new Doctor ;))

    1. Thanks sweetie! :)

      As much as I hate to admit it, I've never watched any of the shows you mentioned. =-X I'm going to see if Netflix has any of them available...I'm always on the look out for new shows to watch!