Monday, October 14, 2013

Busy, Busy Day.

Accepted Readers,

How are you guys? I had to work over today so now my entire schedule is ruined. I have so much to do with not enough time to do it. I'm starting to feel the stress slowly creep in and have the sudden urge to hide in my closet to read a book. Sadly, my closet doesn't have a door so I would be easily found. *sigh* Sometimes, I hate being an adult because it's so overrated. I think I need a vacation away from my life and my cell phone. I'm willing to bet most of you can relate to me in that respect... we should create a safe-haven for burned out adults who just want to spend an entire week with their nose stuck in a book. Sounds wonderful doesn't?

An overview of what my day:
1. Work (6am-12:45pm)
2. Write a blog post
3. Visit my sister
4. Run errands with my mother
5. Dig through newspapers for coupons
6. Sort coupons
7.  Clean up my apartment
8. Go to the grocery store
9. Wash a few loads of laundry

I need some tips on this subject because I never get everything done that I need to do. I just always seem to run out of time. 

So tell me...
How do you handle hectic days? 
How do you manage to get everything done? 
How do you keep everything under control?  

Note: I'm terribly sorry if this post seems rushed and yawn-worthy, I promise I will have a better one tomorrow!

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  1. How do I manage to get everything done? Quite simply - I don't. And I've come to a point in life where I understand that it's not all about getting it all done. It's about having a system to get MOST of it done, to get done what's most important first, and to put the Lord always first. Giving Him my time always guarantees that I get more done in a day. Just does. I totally get the hectic days thing! Praying for you - have a blessed week! #31dbc