Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another Day, Another Blog Post

Accepted Readers,

Happy First Day of Spring! Miss Winter took over this morning here in Indiana... it was snowing! I vote that we band together and beat her down! It's time for bunnies, flowers, and rain not snowballs, ice, and cold! At the rate we are going we may be getting snow in April! I'm sick of winter already; if I see Jack Frost or Miss Winter I'm seriously punching them in the nose. How was the weather where you live... is today the first day of spring for you too? 
On another note, it's been a busy Thursday for me. I'm completely and utterly exhausted. The weekend can't come soon enough. I'm declaring a relaxation holiday, starting at noon tomorrow. (Or the moment I get out of work, whichever comes first)  I'm going to bum around in my pj's, spend some quality time with Netflix, and get lost in a good book. Oh yeah, and of course blog. I might go have a martini or two, who knows. I've never been one to stick to basic plans; I always have to do something random. What do you have planned this weekend? Are you going out or staying in? I would love to know!

Well, I have to go guys. Once again I'm blogging while on the go. I'm heading out to lunch/dinner with my mom. 

So until tomorrow,
Peace and be wild ;-)

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