Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bookish Questions: Should certain books be banned?

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Accepted Readers,

 Welcome to Bookish Questions, where we discuss various book related questions. I share my honest opinion on the matter and you tell me yours. No need to alter your opinion, this is all about honesty. All I ask is to be respectful towards each other. Everyone has a right to their opinions. 
The Question
Where do you stand on the issue of book banning? Do you think certain books should be banned? Why or why not?
My Opinion
A lot of buzz has been hitting the online book community lately about books being banned. I was shocked and appalled to learn that it is happening in the United States via I know this happens frequently in various International countries due to their strict laws and religious rules but I had no idea it happens here too.  

I feel that no book should ever be banned because of its content. Many authors will include a warning in the description if explicit or controversial material is included in their book. If you know certain things offend you, simply don't read books related to the subject.  If an author is being forthcoming and letting you know what to expect then why be upset if you decide to read it? I just don't get it. 

Sometimes I think certain people want to be offended so they can cause a ruckus. I also think some people feel that because they find something detestable that everyone else should too and make it a point to try to turn others against whatever it is they don't agree with. As I said, everyone has a right to express their opinion but it should be done so in a respectable manner. I don't think it is right for people to want a book banned because they are offended by it. If this were the case for everything else, most things on the internet would be banned. 

To sum it up, I feel that if you know a book will offend you then just don't read it. Move on to a book you know you will enjoy. There is no need to be belligerent about it. Someone else may enjoy the book you find offending. Everyone should have their chance to decide by having the chance to actually read the book themselves. If it becomes banned... that makes it unfair for everyone who did not have a say in the matter.
Your Turn
Okay, so there is my opinion. Now I want to hear yours. Do you agree with me? Or do you disagree? Let me know. I want to see opinions from both sides of the fence on this matter.


  1. This is is so hard... I mean on the one hand I totally agree with you, of course I do. I hate the idea of book-banning -- especially because they always ban for reasons I find really stupid. However, there are certain books, like Christian "parenting" books that lead thousands of parents to neglect and abuse their children in the name of a religion and... yeah I really wish someone could ban that stuff already. Of course they'd still be able to get their heinous ideas out there but... you know... maybe with a little less legitimacy. I don't know.

    Or there are books out there written my men calling themselves Men's Right's Activists or Pick-up Artists that outline pretty much exactly how to emotionally manipulate a woman into agreeing to sleeping with them. And those psychological tricks they use come so close to rape it's really disgusting and inhumane.

    Sometimes books really are used to promote hatred and horrible things... but yeah, the stuff that gets banned is fiction people read for fun. I dunno.

  2. This is an easy one for me. Unless you're publishing something like "Roofies and Date Rape - The How-to Guide," then it should be published. There are so many different target audiences out there. If the book you see isn't your cup of tea, keep searching. :)