Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blogging while out & about

Accepted Readers,

I nearly forgot to blog today. I'm so terrible at keeping a schedule, which is why I always do things on the fly. I come off as a bit eccentric and sadly sometimes flaky because of this though. It's a bad habit that developed while I was in high school and I'm afraid there is no cure.

The same problem has extended to making and keeping plans. If you want me to go with you somewhere you have better odds of asking me last minute because if you ask me in advance there is no guarantee I'll remember.

The ONLY type of planning/ scheduling I am good at keeping is posting for book tour companies/authors... I take those very seriously and try to maintain a level of professionalism.

So to break it down, in real life I suck as schedules but online I'm a master. Does this make any sense? Lol...

I'm out spending some time with my boyfriend and he's starting to stare at me because I'm ignoring him to write this... So I gotta go. The night is waiting for me...

A question for you to answer:
What's something that your horrible at offline that you're awesome at online? Leave me a comment telling me!

Until tomorrow,


  1. This is a really hard question. Probably because my life is not broken up that way. I'm horrible at eating well off line. On line I always envision my best virtual me.

  2. I am horrible at saying no to my kids and grand kids and online I may seem tougher.