Monday, March 10, 2014

Glitches All Around

Accepted Readers,

I am pretty positive that all electronics, small devices, mobile phones, and any other type of machine hate me today. It seems like the moment I touch anything that requires electricity, it malfunctions or gets glitches. When I attempt to plug anything in I see sparks. I seem charged with static electricity and for the love of me I don't understand why. I'm a bit afraid to be sitting in front of my laptop typing this...I'm waiting for something to smoke or the screen to go black. I'm thinking about covering myself in cushions to protect all my important devices. If nothing else, I'll be really cozy. lol.

The cash register went down work. I unplugged the system to reset it and BAM... it crashes. Every time I touched unplugged and plugged in the cord, the socket sparked. I had to manually write down all transactions until the stupid thing came back up. It took nearly two hours to function properly. The funny part, it started to work out of the blue. I was keeping myself busy cleaning up and turn around and it was working. We still don't know what caused it to go down or why it started to magically work again, but eh we just kinda of went with the flow.

Even blogger is glitching on me today. For some reason I am unable to schedule my posts to go live at a later time or date. I know I'm doing everything correctly, but the time and day comes and it doesn't post. Tell me fellow users... do you have the same problem? It happened again to me today and now because it didn't post when I needed it to, I may not be able to tour with the company I was working with. (They have strict posting rules; they want things up by a certain time) It would be one thing if this was the first time this happened but it's not. I've also been having formatting issues but that is a whole other subject. Needless to say I'm completely upset. If problems keep happening like this, I will have to switch website servers. WordPress never looked as good as it does this very moment. *sighs*

How is your day going today? Hopefully a bit better than mine. I would love to hear about some of  your "glitchy" days. It would make me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who deals with days like this. lol. Leave a comment below... make my day =-P

Until Tomorrow,

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