Friday, March 21, 2014

My Ideal Book Nook

Accepted Readers,

Do you have a special retreat that you head to when you want to read? I'm the type of reader that can read just about anywhere just as long as it's completely quiet. I can't focus on a book if there is lot of background noise because the words seem to jumble in my mind. I live in a one bedroom apartment with limited space, so ideal reading spots are hard to discover. I live with my boyfriend so that makes things a bit more complicated. I tend to hide in my bedroom and read on my bed with the window ajar or snuggle up on my front room couch. I've also been known to make a pillow fort on the floor or hide under multiple blankets. However, I long for my perfect ideal book nook, a glorious place that I can get lost in and call my own... a magical retreat from the rest of the world where all my bookish dreams can soar.

I was browsing Pinterest and decided on looking up photos relating to book nooks. After riffing through the site for a while I came across two very different pictures that when paired together would form my perfect reading nook! If I ever manage to hit it big and become rich, I would buy a house that could provide a replica of these rooms.

What do you guys think? How does my ideal book nook measure up to yours? I would love to see what your dream reading spot would look like. Follow me on Pinterest or Twitter or Like the Accepted Wisdom Facebook Page and send me your pictures!

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  1. I hadn't thought of creating a book nook until I read this. Thanks for a great idea.