Saturday, March 29, 2014

Books Are Taking Over

Accepted Readers,

I have a serious book buying addiction... My bookshelves are filled to their max. It's time for a shelf clean-up. I've been working my way through my books, sorting them in alphabetical order by author name, and getting rid of the ones I'm never going to read.  I'm also scanning all of my books into a special shelf on my Goodreads account.

As of this moment, with the help of my mom, we've polished off one entire shelf. A total of roughly 300 books and we have two more entire shelves to finish. It's going to be a long night.

How do you have your bookshelves organized? I'm curious to learn about some new and possibly better ways.

I just got a fresh  cup of coffee and my books are calling me... So I will be back tomorrow with another post.


  1. I've tried all different ways and I really like rainbow ordering. It makes me stare at my shelf a lot because I love how the colors look. *^* But maybe you can coordinate differently. Like one shelf is for favorites, another for series, another for umm well disliked books, one for 3 stared books. I hope this helped! >__<

  2. By... ocd feeling ;). I have one mainly German shelf, one mainly English (and a couple of boxes in the basement - my flat is TINY). I always want books by one author to stick together and then it's vaguely by genre - I have series on a top shelf, then one for my favorite lit fic and upmarket fic on eye-level, then classics, and less well organized things further down.
    I have to admit, though, I haven't bought a physical book since I got my kindle. I like gadgets, and dislike clutter, what can I say? ;)