Monday, March 17, 2014

Migraines = Short Posts

Accepted Readers, 

I was planning on writing and posting a Hele's Top 5 or review today... but while at work I got a major headache. Unfortunately the headache has gotten worst and all I want to do is lie down. Before I head back to bed again I wanted to write a quick post to say hello. *waves*

I hate having migraines, they affect everything I do. I can't tolerate bright lights, reading, moving too quickly, or loud noises. Sometimes I even see black floating spots in my vision and become nauseated. They make me darn near completely handicapped. I can't pinpoint what triggers them most of the time, so they just come on like a hurricane.

Do any of you get migraines, if so what do you do to relief them? I have to dose up on ibuprofen, lay in a dark room, and listen to really soft music. I've taken the liberty of sharing the song I'm currently listening to. It's from a video game called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy but the song is originally from Final Fantasy XI. It is entitled  FFXI Opening Theme. Nearly every time I hear or see this video it makes my eyes tear up a little. I <3 it! 


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  1. I hope you're doing well now. One of the most annoying thing ever next to toothache. If I got migraine I just take a nap and drink antibiotic later if having a rest didn't cure it.