Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hele's Top 5: Book Pet Peeves

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Accepted Readers,

I think everyone who is a bookworm has a few rants in regards to books. They can cover physical aspects of books and/or the overall storyline of a book or the characters. I thought it would be fun to share my book pet peeves, a mixture of physical and storyline rants. 
1. Cliff-Hanger Endings
I despise cliff-hanger endings. They make me want to throw-books, turn off movies, cry, and sometimes scream. I don't handle suspense well; it infuriates me especially if I have to wait months or years for the next book.

For the fear of cliff-hangers, I tend to not start reading book series unless it is finished and all the books are published. This way if I encounter the dreaded cliff-hanger, I can rush and read the next book ASAP.
2. Cover Changes/Mismatched Designs
I will admit I am a vain book owner. I enjoy admiring the books on my shelves. It warms my heart when covers/spines designs of books match. When books in a series complement each other, they have a dignified look. When they don't pair together, it makes them look tacky and out-of-place. 

I don't understand why publishers think it's okay to change the covers of books half-way through the series. They must not understand that is drives readers crazy! I also hate it when the change the size of one book in a series, when all the rest have the same perfect height. Just grrr!!
3. Exclusive Single Format Editions
Another thing that annoys me, is when I own an entire series in soft/hard back format, and the next book/novella releases is an e-book ONLY exclusive. It also bugs me in reverse, if I own all the books in e-book format and the next book/novella is released only in soft/hard back books.

I want my series to be all in ONE format. Not half in one way and the other in a different way.  This is the main reason I have books in both the physical and e-book editions. Nothing like double spending for the EXACT same content. *sighs*

4. Waiting For The Next Book To Release
As I said before, I hate to wait for the conclusion in a series. I lack patience. I don't mind waiting a few months... but waiting over a year? I blame my e-reader for this problem. I'm so used to having any book I want within moments with just a touch of a button.

5. Unfinished/ Unsatisfying Endings
One of the worst things I've encountered while reading is coming across a book that has an ending that seems incomplete. This becomes worst when it's the last book in a series. This is one surefire way to make me a bit leery to read more from the same author. I sometimes will skip to the end of a book and read the last page just to see if the ending seems to fit. (I know, this is taboo... but I can't help it.) 
The End.
So now that you have read my top pet peeves... I want to know what your book pet peeves are, leave a comment below telling me. I'm curious to know if anyone has any similar to my own.


  1. I have many. I am such a fickle reader, it doesn't take much for me to stop reading a book.

    Cliffhangers are the worst! I want to know if there is one, that way I can just wait until the next book comes out before I read the first one.

    Infidelity/cheating books always get the ax. If it's mentioned in passing or it happened to a character in the past it's one thing, but to have that throughout the story, it's a HUGE turn off. Nothing gets me closing a book faster than that.

    I also can't stand it when characters have an internal dialog longer than a page. There are some great authors out there but I usually skip half the book because the main characters internalize their thoughts repeatedly through the whole book.

    I also don't like love triangles. Someone always gets hurt and I'm reading for the happily ever after, not seeing the carnage along the way.

    If a book can't capture my attention in the first chapter, I can't finish the book. I know I should be fair and give each book a shot but I don't have the time to invest in reading a book I'm not interested in.

    There are many great writers out there, I just wish I wasn't so fickle. But I like what I like.

    Elizabeth H.

  2. My only pet peeve is when a favorite author takes two years to finish the next book, especially when it's a saga. Nice post!

  3. I agree with Gayle - my only pet peeve is waiting too long for the next book in a series!